Realtors aren't Burglars

Slumping economy. Low oil prices. The Stampeders losing to the Eskimos in the Western Final. I think it’s fair to say that in Calgary, we could all use a pick-me-up. At Kernick Homes, we’ve put the internet to good use and found our top 12 favorite real estate memes. Enjoy a round of laughs on the Home Team Blog.

1. The Prototype Real Estate Agent


 2. Phil Dunphy– Agent Status: Legend



3. Sound Advice

Home Viewing Advice

4. Exception to the Rule: Calgary 2007 

Real Estate Advice for For Middle Earth

 5. #TrueRomance

Phil Dunphy Loves Real Estate

6. Also works as a pick-up line.

Phil on Sitting Open Houses

 7. Not all heroes wear capes.

Spiderman the Realtor

8. No Days Off

No Weekends for Realtors

9. His only flaw, he cares Too much.

Not Just a Realtor, A Man Who Cares

10. Living dangerously

Selling without a Real Estate Agent

11. On a serious note, vaulted ceilings are very desirable.

Ryan Gosling likes Vaulted Ceilings

12. Perception is Everything

Funny Explanation of Perceptions of Realtors


Is it time to buy my first home? Should I sell my home? Does anyone buy a home in the Winter? What’s the deal with oil prices? I hear those questions all the time. The bottom line is, Calgary’s real estate market never grinds to a stop and is always in a state of perpetual activity. If you have any questions about our crazy real estate market, email me today at


It’s Hump Day! Take a Break and Enjoy 12 Funny Real Estate Memes

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